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Stereo Telescope is an electronic music group that is both innovative and fresh in their style. Trust us, you haven’t heard anything like them before.

Stereo Telescope Music:

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About Stereo Telescope:

Stereo Telescope hails from Boston, Massachusetts. It is a product of two people Kurt Schneider who is the background vocalist and music coodinator (former band: This car up) and Nikki Dessingue who is the lead vocalist (Former bands: Where the Land Meets the Sea and campaign for real-time) They both pplay a variety of instruments ranging from the tambourine synth and the Theremin.

The two members met while playing in their respective bands and they each realized that the musical style the other complimented their own. This realization led to the formation of stereo Telescope in the fall of 2009.

Together, they quickly came up with the single ’Geography’ which became their first single together after two days of practicing. This single has a video shot by Dan Hartshorn. ‘Geography’ was followed in quick succession by other two singles ’Lighthouse’ and ‘Draw Me a Sky’. They also have another remix ‘Ain’t that Cold (Stereo Telescope Remix) from their split with Bodega Girls titled ‘SPANK BANK’.

The band was barely six months since its formation when the duo decided to stage ashow. They took advantage of a trip for another project that Schneider was supposed to take part in, but since that particular project did not materialize, Stereo Telescope reaped the benefits. They worked tirelessly day and night to make their live show a success.

2010 to 2012 saw them perform live shows to audiences ranging from 30 in a basement to 700 in Boston’s Paradise Rock club with rowdy results each time.

In 2010, they were nominated Boston’s Best New Act by the Boston Music Academy Award and they won Boston’s Best Electronic Band.

They have an album ‘On and Running’ which is a ten track collection. In addition to their earlier tracks, the album features others such as’ Ah Dance’ ‘Summer’ and ‘Fires’